Stolen is a series of side-quests in Crystal Story. In Stolen quests, Mercenary Inc. chases a thief name Koohii who steals various objects, that they must recover.

List of QuestsEdit

Name Description Location Boss Unlocking Level
Stolen Jewels A thief has broken into Bubble's home and stole her jewels. She is asking for its return. Mines of Eninyad Koohii Level 6
Stolen Elixirs A thief has broken into the item shop and stole elixirs. A reward has been imposed for its return. Ruins of Giants Koohii Level 12
Stolen Armors A thief has broken into the armor shop and stole the blacksmith's hammer. The blacksmith wants it back. Shrine of the Fallen Koohii Level 18
Stolen Bed A thief has broken into the inn and stole a very comfortable bed. Inn keeper imposed a reward for its return. Lost Catacombs Koohii Level 24


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