Character Skills Edit

Icon Name Description MP Target Status Class
Armor Break Lowers enemy's Defense. 2 enemy (1) rogue (07)
Enrage FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU... 4 self Attack UP, Magic UP fighter (20)

Monster Skills Edit

Name Description Target Status
Attack All Attacks all Enemies. enemy (all)
Bite Attacks and deals poison damage. enemy (one) Poison
Blinding Stare Blinds the enemy. random enemy (one) Blind
Blink Attacks enemies in a blink of an eye. random enemy (one)
Crab Claw Claws the enemy. enemy (all)
Double Attack Attacks Twice. random enemy (one)
Earth Deals Earth damage to one Enemy. enemy (one)
Frost Nova Deals Ice damage and Slows all Enemies. enemy (all) Slow
Howl Gives yourself a boost... self Attack UP, Speed UP
Lullaby SLEEPS the enemy. enemy (one) Sleep
Scream Silences the enemy. enemy (one) Silence
Stare Stares at the enemy. enemy (one)
Web Ball Lowers enemy's Speed. enemy (one) Speed DOWN
Wind Shear Lowers the Attack and Magic of all enemies. enemy (all) Attack DOWN, Magic DOWN