Heroes shall fall, and I shall be reigned queen!

Rita is the main antagonist of Crystal Story. She is a witch who stole the Focus Crystal to use to control the Dargon. She appears only in the Main Quest.


In the beginning of the game Rita and her minions, Rock and Bop, steal the Focus Crystal. The mercenaries, Tristam, Kaeli, Phoebe, and Rueben, are hired by Hiro to take a picture of Hiro capturing Rita.

When the mercenaries follow Rita down into the Evil Cave, they encounter her every five floors. On each encounter she sends one of her minions to defeat them. However on each occasion the mercenaries defeat Rita's minions.

When the mercenaries reach floor 25, they find Rita using the Focus Crystal to control the Dargon. Rita sends the Dargon to defeat the mercenaries.

After the mercenaries defeat the Dargon, Rita gives them the Focus Crystal. When Tristam asks Rita what she will do now, she says that she will "probably steal another crystal".

After Mercenary Inc. defeats the Ultimate Dargon, Rita shows up with another crystal that she was going to use to summon another Dargon (likely the Ultimate Dargon), but she decides not to, saying that the crystal is "Another pointless crystal". She then remarks that she doesn't understand why the game is called Crystal Story.