Phoebe is one of the four playable characters in Crystal Story. She is a member of Mercenary Inc.. She uses hammers or maces and her element is Earth. Her possible classes are Fighter, Rogue, and Healer. Phoebe and the Blacksmith know a lot about hammers and apparently have a crazy obsession over them.

Character Info (from Crystal Story)Edit

Cheerful Phoebe really loves her hammer. She enjoys swinging it all the time and hitting things with it. Her CAPS LOCK key isn't broken, her SHIFT key is.-(Crystal Story)

Phoebe loves her hammer. She enjoys swinging and hitting things with it.-(CSTHATEW)

Appearance Edit

Phoebe has short red hair, a yellow tank top dress with a green stripe, a brown-yellow saddle bag, brown boots, and a grey hammer. Her skin is lightly tanned and her eyes are brown. Also, most of the time she is shown with a mischievous look.


Phoebe loves her hammer and enjoys swinging it around. She constantly talks loudly, in all caps. Whenever she gets the chance, she comes up with wild ideas to bop some one/thing on the head.

Role in gameEdit

Phoebe is the hammer smasher and she has a lot of earth skills. Her attacks can stun and they are quite strong.



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