The Main Quest is the storyline quest of Crystal Story. The Main Quest is divided into several parts between boss fights and cut-scenes. It follows Mercenary Inc.'s quest to capture Rita and to let Hiro take credit for the capture in return for twice the reward money. At the end of each part of the Main Quest Mercenary Inc. faces one of Rita's minions, either Rock or Bop. At the end of The Evil Dargon, they face the Dargon. On Floor 50, they face an optional final boss, the Ultimate Dargon.

List of PartsEdit

Name Description Beginning
A Hiro's Job HIRO has hired Mercenary Inc to capture the evil RITA for him. HIRO promises to double the reward offered if Mercenary Inc takes a picture of him in a dramatic pose capturing RITA. Start of game
Unconscious Trouble HIRO has fallen unconscious after RITA slapped him. Mercenary Inc decides to go on with the plan and drag the unconscious HIRO with them. Defeat Rock (Floor 5)
Another Escape HIRO is still unconscious and RITA escaped again. Mercenary Inc tries to follow her further down the cave. Defeat Bop (Floor 10)
Heating Up Mercenary Inc continues to drag the unconscious HIRO down further into the cave. It's starting to get hot and evil is just around the corner. Defeat Rock (Floor 15)
The Evil Dargon RITA escapes again, but this time she is out of minions. Mercenary Inc is closer to getting their reward, but they do not know yet what awaits them. Defeat Bop (Floor 20)


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