Ok! You got me! I guess I will have to fight you guys then.

Koohii is a thief in Crystal Story. She appears in the Stolen side-quests. In each Stolen side-quest, she is the boss of the quest, and her level is always 3 levels lower than the level of the quest.


Koohii is a teenage or adult woman with blue eyes and blonde hair tied in two twintails with goggles on her forehead. She wears a light-blue jacket, dark blue gloves, boots, and shorts which were held together with a gold belt. She is also equiped with a backpack where she may have kept the objects she stole.


Throughout the Stolen quests, the mercenaries chase Koohii through various dungeons to recover items that she had stolen. At the end of each dungeon they encounter Koohii, and defeat her in battle.

After each defeat she gives the mercenaries the stuff that she stole, and escapes by using a smoke bomb.

In the ending video, Koohii is shown saying that a crystal would be a good thing to steal...and steal a crystal she does.


  • "Koohii" means coffee in Japanese.


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