Kaeli is one of the four playable characters in Crystal Story. She is a member of Mercenary Inc., where she works with other characters, Phoebe, Tristan and Rueben. She uses bows and her element is Wind. Her possible classes are Rogue, Mage, and Healer. Kaeli is sisters with the Inn Keeper, however people constantly forget that they are sisters.

Character InfoEdit

Kaeli is always bored. She might be slow but her bow says otherwise. She has a sister that works at the Inn, but the rest of the party doesn't know that even though she told them about it.-(Crystal Story I)

Kaeli is always bored. ... ... She also hates talking.-(CSTHATEW)


Kaeli has light blue, shoulder length bangs and chest length hair. She usually has a bored expression on her face and has light brown eyes. She usually wears a dark blue hoodie with white hoodie strings and white hood that exposes her midriff. She has a dark brown belt with small pockets, holding up a very pale blue slit open, calf length dress, showing black knee length shorts. Her weapon is usually a bow, and is seen with a plain, wooden bow, and sneakers.


Kaeli is constantly bored. She is generally slow, but is fast in battle.



  • Kaeli's name along with the heroes from Crystal Story I, are taken from the ally characters from Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest.
  • Kaeli is the one that drags Hiro while he is unconscious. She carries Hiro through out the whole game, getting frustrated and saying he is fat.
  • Kaeli is mostly ignored by the group the whole time, asking them for help carrying the unconscious Hiro.
  • She also has to use revive on Reuben a few times.
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