You can earn achievements in the game. I haven't found where to view them, however.

Name Description
Level 5 Reach level 5.
Level 10 Reach level 10.
Level 25 Reach level 25.
Level 50 Reach level 50.
Rich Person Have 50000 gold at one time.
Explore 7 Reach Evil Cave floor 7.
Explore 15 Reach Evil Cave floor 15.
Explore 30 Reach Evil Cave floor 30.
Warp 7 Warp from floor 7.
Warp 15 Warp from floor 15.
Warp 30 Warp from floor 30.
Armory Master Upgrade a piece of equipment to level 20.
Hunter Kill 20 different types of monsters.
Beastmaster Kill 42 different types of monsters.
Well I Didn't Vote For You Kill 5 monarchs from the Wanted list.
Kingslayer Kill 10 monarchs from the Wanted list.
Fighting Love Reach level 30 as a fighter.
Rogue Squadron Reach level 30 as a rogue.
Mage Mastery Reach level 30 as a mage.
Heal Please Reach level 30 as a healer.
Om Nom Feed your pet 5 times.
Stuffed! Feed your pet 30 times.
Agent Defender Defeat Zombie Defense on Hard.
Expert Defense Defeat Zombie Defense on Expert.
Be Like Paper Destroy Rock.
Bop on the Head Destroy Bop.
Rock and Rawr Destroy Rock, again.
What, No Gravy? Destroy Bop, again.
Slayers Dargon Destroy Dargon.
Missing Cat Complete the first missing cat quest.
Stolen Hearts Complete the first stolen jewels quest.
Ultimate Slayers Dargon Destroy Dargon, again.
The King of Slime Defeat King Slime.
Nyan Find Nyan on the first missing cat quest.
Rare Destroy a rare monster.

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